St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Atlantic City

St. Patrick's Day Parade Banner

Bagpipe Player and banner kicking off the 2014 Atlantic City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

What a great day for the Atlantic City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. It was cold and windy yesterday and snow is forecast for tomorrow night but today it was a breezy, sunny day in the 60’s. It must be the luck of that famous luck of the Irish. The parade started and ended with bagpipers with the typical parade groups in between.

All the local Irish bars were well represented and of course DJ Sparkles was on the Maynard’s float cranking out the AC / DC. The Pic-A-Lilli had repurposed an old fire truck parade. The Ducktown Tavern was its own parade with three trucks and a trailer.

The beer was flowing and there were more than a few interesting characters along the parade route. It is the one day the Atlantic City Police Department looks the other way in regards to he open container laws. Check out the slideshow below.


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